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New leaders

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  • Started 8 years ago by j s rao
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  1. j s rao

    Dear Sucheta Dalal,

    I agree that change in leadership is the need of hour, but the ground reality is that corruption is the route cause of all these evils. It is very much needed that corruption is fought at all levels. Secondly the leaders suggested on the blog are surely great in their own fields but the fact is that majority of voting Indian population is in rural and semi-urban, it is for this reason I fear that how many of the leaders mentioned in the blog would be able to reach to the masses. After all in Democracy it is the masses play the role in every election. Hence steps should be taken to have a check n balance system on the elected candidates. Article 49 O of our constitution will surely have onus and control over the Political parties to see that proper candidate is fielded in the election fray.

    As regards to fight terrorism,we including Police Authorities agree that State Police does not have sufficent man power to give man to man protection in the society nor do they have data as regards to who all are residing in the area under their control hence to start with basic, I as a citizen would sugest Police Authorities should involve respectable citizens by giving them reasonable authority(e.g.Professors, eminent lawyers, doctors, social workers, Secretaries of All CHS and complexes etc.) to get involved in creating a master data of citizens by in the form of a questionere (approved by Police Authorites) as regards to details of people residing nearby. This will help the Police Authorities to carry out their operations and concentrate only on those elements towards which the needle of suspicion moves. Secondly disaster management training should be given to the schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels and other public places.

    Some more suggestions on which my colleagues and me are working on it and will revert back very soon.

    J S RAO

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. I agree. Corruption is indeed the bottomline. I have written more about this on my blog - click the blog button on the top bad of this page.

    My view is simple. If a constable pays Rs 2 lakhs to get into the police or stands in winding queues and pays money to enter the Bombay Municipal Corporation, his first aim is to recover his investment -- not to protect people.

    Will he start serving the people once his investment is recovered? Not at all, he is now building his nest egg and is fully incorporated into a system where a part of the kick-backs go higher and higher up the ladder.

    In fact, he begins to pay to grab 'lucrative' postings. At that stage it becomes a disease.

    Our courts are just a beehive of corruption and there is no justice for anybody.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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